Easter Menu 2018


Spring has sprung and we have a tasty line-up of treats just in time for Easter!

Whether you, your family members, or friends are celiac, gluten-free, dairy-free, diabetic, keto, paleo, or are just looking for a darn' good dessert - we have treats + eats that will please your taste buds and your tummy too!

flower cake.jpeg

Pictured above is our classic 6'' 3 Layer Vanilla Almond Naked Cake ($73). For Easter we are adding a little elegance by dusting our cakes with real gold leaf and topping them with fresh flowers. The perfect centre piece for any dinner party or family gathering. 

Easter Donuts.jpg

Donuts, donuts, donuts! These minis are inner-kid approved! They are baked, not fried, and are made with great ingredients including: nut flours, coconut based fats, free-range eggs, organic natural sweeteners, and 100% natural plant-based colouring. For Easter we will have pastel coloured rainbow glazed donuts ($1.75 ea.), chocolate dipped donuts ($1.50 ea.), and our famous cinnamon carnival donuts ($1.50 ea.). Place your orders now because these little guys will run out fast! 

carrot cake.JPG

CARROT CAKE! Warmly spiced cake baked with walnuts, toasted coconut and carrot, swirled with our new cream cheese frosting - need we say more? It's also SUGAR-FREE and made with 100% natural ingredients (including the plant-based colouring for the frosted carrots!). A traditional Easter favourite without the sugar-crash, available for pre-order! (Pictured: 9'' 2 Layer, $105)

cake close.jpg

This is our first Easter at The Butternut and we are so excited to bring our health-inspired treats to your table. Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your celebrations!


The Butternut needs your help!


Help us open our first bakery and enjoy 100% gluten-free, grainless and naturally low-carb bakes that are sweetened without cane-sugar!

Hello friends!

The Butternut Baking Co. will be opening a bake shop this Spring at 2743 Dundas Street West in Toronto’s Junction community. We are excited to share this journey with you and want to let you know a little more about how this all started and why we need your help.

Let me start by introducing myself…

 My name is Michelle and I am 27 years old, and I have always had a passion for baking. My first memories of learning how to make miracles happen in the kitchen came from baking with my grandmother. Dusted with flour and decorated with cut-out cookies, her kitchen always seemed so magical to me. She taught me how to roll perfect pastries, how to tell when a cake was baked in the centre, and that patience was prized virtue when eagerly waiting for the oven timer to ding!


 Unfortunately, the ingredients I was familiar with when baking like traditional flour and cane sugar were not agreeing with my health. So three years ago, I transformed my life by switching to a gluten-free, cane sugar-free, and Paleo diet. At first this was a difficult transition as I discovered I could no longer enjoy my favourite treats - something had to be done! Dedicated to feeling so good and empowered by my new relationship with food as fuel and medicine, I was determined to find a way to create healthy bakes.

With a lot of trial and error and mountains of cake-battered dishes later, my health inspired recipes were finally perfected. With a new belief that anything was possible with natural grain-free and cane-sugar free baking, it became clear that something special could come of this discovery – and that ‘something special’ turned out to be The Butternut Baking Co.

Why we need your help!

We have the recipes, we have the passion, and we have the space – and now we need your help! In order to transition from small-scale production into a retail and commercial space, we started a crowd-funding project on kickstarter to help launch this venture.

If you or someone you know someone has diabetes, celiac disease, gluten-intolerance, autoimmune diet requirements or just wants to enjoy a delicious and healthy baked treat, click the button below to find out what SWEET REWARDS are being offered as a thank you for your support.

Thank you for following a long this exciting and crazy adventure!

Stay tuned for more information regarding our grand-opening & launch party.


Store Opening - Spring 2017!


Dear daydream believer,

Cheer up sleepy Jean – Spring is almost here! And we have been sitting on the edge of our seats eagerly waiting to tell you… that The Butternut Baking Co. will be opening it's very first BAKERY this Spring 2017!

You will be able to purchase your favourite 100% gluten-free, grainless and naturally low-carb treats at our new home. We can hardly believe it’s finally happening… your love and support have truly helped make our dreams become reality.

Our Bake Shop will be located in Toronto West’s vibrant Junction community at 2743 Dundas Street West.

There is so much to do in the neighbourhood and we can’t wait to be added to the list of destinations. NOW magazine describes the Junction as, "...one of the fastest growing communities of young families and hipsters, with galleries and condo developments and a burgeoning
food scene”.


Here’s a little sneak peek...

On April 15, 2017 we will celebrating with our amazing neighbours at The Plant YYZ, Inspire, Simply Beautiful, and Stag Head to launch our new store fronts and to welcome you to join our family!

We are hard at work dreaming-up and creating the perfect hangout space for you to come and enjoy treats that will delight your taste-buds without the added guilt! With a lot of paint, brush-strokes, and cake-breaks, the space is transforming daily.


There is so much deliciousness coming your way.

We are SO excited to meet you and to be the one to fulfill your health-inspired and guilt-free dessert wishes... because if there’s one thing we’ve learned daydream believer… it’s that dreams really do come true.


Let Them Eat Cake!


So, it turns out – you can eat cake for breakfast if you want.

That’s right.

In every bite of each one of our cakes, you are consuming all-natural ingredients that are always 100% gluten-free, grainless and naturally low-carb. We have refined and perfected each recipe; tweaking flavour and texture while ensuring you are getting the most delicious and nutrient packed cake on the market!

Our flour base is made with finely ground almonds and coconut, and is combined with pure extracts, a little raw honey, pasture-raised eggs, coconut milk and organic palm shortening from a eco-sustainable farm certified by ProForest.  You won’t find any refined sugar, cane sugar/juice, agave, gluten, soy, gums, artificial colouring/flavours, or refined oils like canola in these hunnies! All of our cake batters are dairy-free and frostings are dairy-free optional.


And now, it’s time to CELEBRATE!

We have just added brand new cake flavours to our menu and we know you are going to love them as much as we do. We have Celebration Cakes for every craving and every age. Our cookie cakes are show-stoppers for kids from 1 to 92… each with three layers of cake inspired by the classic cookie flavours you know and love: ‘Oreo’ and Chocolate-Chip.

The new Cappuccino cake will certainly please the coffee lovers out there - Vanilla cake swirled with organic coffee crystals and pure espresso emulsion, frosted with a creamy coffee buttercream – there’s no doubt it will rock your world!


If chocolate is your thing – we have been told we make the most decadent chocolate cake in town! Made with melted stevia-sweetened chocolate chips and blended with coconut nectar, the Triple Chocolate Celebration Cake is moist, sweet and a customer favourite.

Pictured left to right:  Triple Chocolate, "Oreo" Cookies 'n Cream, Cappuccino Cake, Vanilla Cupcakes, Vanilla Almond Sweetheart Cake, Choco-Chip Cookie Cake, Lemon Blueberry 

Pictured left to right: Triple Chocolate, "Oreo" Cookies 'n Cream, Cappuccino Cake, Vanilla Cupcakes, Vanilla Almond Sweetheart Cake, Choco-Chip Cookie Cake, Lemon Blueberry 

Interested in finding out what other cake flavours we have to offer? Click here to see our full menu. We make all cakes to order for every occasion. If you’d like to place an order, please say hello and send us your cake wishes to info@thebutternut.ca